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We are your tech friends.

We translate your customer's desires and business motives into well-designed software. Our passion is to make software that human beings love to use. We work with companies that want to build intuitive applications for their users to understand. We combine hard-won business acumen (from starting and scaling our own apps) with engineering prowess.




Apps prototyped


At Luth, transparency and effective communication form the bedrock of our work culture. Our meticulous estimation process is marked by comprehensive transparency, laying bare every aspect of your project's costs. We provide a detailed breakdown, highlighting areas demanding more time, and collaborate closely with you to elucidate the reasoning behind each element. We thrive on open discussions and relish the opportunity to delve into diverse creative concepts.

Our mission

Primarily, Luth's purpose revolves around crafting software that resonates with human users. Our ultimate goal is to create products that elegantly address significant and complex issues, infusing a sense of delight into the solutions we offer to a wide-reaching audience.

Our Team

Consider us as your technology companions, adept at translating your customers' aspirations and business goals into meticulously designed software solutions. Our devotion lies in crafting software that resonates deeply with users. We collaborate with enterprises seeking to develop user-friendly applications that seamlessly resonate with their audience. Our approach blends our well-earned business insights (from launching and growing our own applications) with exceptional engineering skills.

Thomas Dias Batista

Head of Design

Lucas Dias Batista

Chief Product Officer

Pablo Nora

Chief Technology Officer

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